At first blush, Labor Day may seem like a counter-intuitive day to launch a blog. I find it incredibly symbolic. The nature of work is changing faster than many of us are comfortable admitting. Until recently, the skill sets, business models and mindsets needed for success in Western economies changed (relatively) gradually, giving savvy organizations, and people, time to adapt. This is no longer the case.

As a relative optimist, I would prefer to dismiss the frequently cited study by the John M. Olin School of Business at Washington University, predicting that 40% of today’s Fortune 500 will be out of business in ten years. Given the glacial pace that many established businesses of all sizes are moving on their digital transformation journeys, however, I find this prediction frighteningly likely to materialize.

While grim predictions can shock firms into a flurry of strategic planning activity and transformation road map creation, the magic lies in capable implementation and the ability to sustain momentum, day after day, year in year out. While digital transformation strategy pivots are to be expected, stopping is not an option; nor is sacrificing security, privacy, trust, ethics or brand along the way.

It bears remembering that this is an incredibly exciting period to be living, working and creating in. Abundance and opportunity await those who are prepared, resilient, focused on delivering value, continuously improving and aware of the changes underway.

My goal for this blog is to inspire digital transformation velocity at both the organizational and individual levels. In addition to weekly posts, I hope to create an ongoing dialogue with those at all stages of digital transformation.

It is our collective experiences, successes and challenges that bring digital transformation to life, and where I am certain that the deepest insights and greatest opportunity lie.

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